Poly mailer

Poly mailer

Short Description:

Strong polyolefin mailers protect products from moisture during shipments.


Size: 6×9+1.5”

Material: LDPE

Thickness: 60 mm

Tape: high quality hot melt glue(self-produced)

Perforated line: 1-2 lines (optional)

Printing: Up to 9 colors

Packaging: 1000 pcs/carton

Product Detail

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Product features:

* FANGDA poly mailer is made of three layers extrusion film, does not contain any toxicity, has smooth feel in hand and fine appearance.

* Excellent waterproof function, could protect the goods from getting wet.

* Leakage-proof function, the liquid inside will not leak out.

* Strong puncture resistance, could load the heavy goods but not damage.

* Permanently adhesive on the seal flap could help reduce the risks of package pilferage or the theft.

* The film could be white-gray, black, or any other colors; the surface could be chosen matt or shiny.

* Special design for different industry: double seal tape for e-commerce returnable goods, bag with handle for shopping etc.

* Envelopes open along the first dimension

Benefits of Poly mailer:

* Extraordinary Protection and Security

Poly mailers reducing the security risks of shipment.

* Convenience in distribution

Durable polyethylene pack the goods to avoid dirt, moisture etc.

* Versatile and Easy to Use

It is suitable for express, e-commerce, shopping, warehouse, office using etc.

* Marketing

The customized printing could encourage potential buyers to purchase the product.

FANGDA Advantages:

* Exclusive hot melt glue formula (has patent certificate)

* Optional special design: waybill pouch attached on bag, double tape, handle hole etc...

* Strong R&D with 8 patents.

* Qualified with REACH and ISO standard.

* Vertical Integration: 3-layers film extrusion, hot melt adhesive making and coating, printing, die cut…all the processes are completed in our own workshops.

* Delivery quality and reliability with the most competitive price.

* Over 20 years in coating industry.

* Supplier of worldwide leading express and courier companies over 10 years.

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